2015 Little Italy Festa This Sunday! | Over 120,000 Visitors, Authentic Italian Food, Chalk Street Art, Live Music & Dance

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2015 Little Italy Festa
Celebrate all things Italian at Little Italy Festa! From the food to the chalk art, the activities to the music and dancing—Little Italy invites everyone to become a part of its famigliaMore info below.

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2015 Little Italy Festa Info:

2015 Little Italy Festa2015 Little Italy Festa
October 11, 10AM-6PM | Free

Little Italy Neighborhood
More info: littleitalysd.com

The Little Italy Association is proud to officially announce that the annual Sicilian Festival has merged with FESTA! for one massive cultural festival as the brand new Little Italy FESTA! on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015. The bigger-than-ever 21st annual FESTA! celebration will take over the streets of Little Italy from 10AM until 6PM, filled with authentic live Italian entertainment, Italian food, a stickball tournament, bocce ball tournament, a colorful flag procession and of course the festival’s favorite—Gesso Italiano (Italian Chalk) to celebrate one of the most iconic neighborhoods not only in San Diego, but in the country.

With the over 120,000 visitors that attend the event, FESTA! showcases everything the San Diego Little Italy neighborhood has been able to achieve and highlights all of the incredible things that makes this community so special.

Since 1994, FESTA! has been a dream come true for Italian Americans in the San Diego community. It has marked the annual celebration of Little Italy’s culture and heritage as an official neighborhood in the urban metropolis. Now, 21 years later, San Diego’s Little Italy is setting the standard for all urban neighborhoods, making this year even more exciting than ever as Little Italy opens their streets to San Diego residents and over 120,000 visitors to celebrate the country’s largest Italian homecoming.

More info: littleitalysd.com


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